Kevin Boyle   

Ideas in Print

You know how restaurants are getting graded now for cleanliness? I think they should rate nail salons.  Some of them are very unsanitary.  I would like to know if they’ve been inspected.  That’s my idea:  rate nail salons.  - Alana, New York.

  My ideas is, the visual arts should be taught in grade school as a serious subject, right along with math and history.  It shouldn’t be treated like a hobby.  I never even knew something like visual arts existed until I was in college.  Now I own my business and I know it’s a viable way to make a living.   And if young kids were taught visual arts it would lead to more thoughtful, creative, provocative leadership.  - Keith, New York

  We have a baby and we are always bundling it up in the baby stroller.  Why do they not have heated baby strollers, like car seats?  Heated baby strollers, where are they?  If they have them, my idea is they should let us know where they are!  If they don’t have them, my idea is somebody should make them!  - Giovanni, Genoa, Italy           

Idea Factoid: Would you like to build a better mousetrap?  You’re not alone.  The US Trademark and Patent Office receives 400 applications each year for the mousetrap.

   My idea is, the park, (The Highline, an elevated urban park) should be connected to the buildings next to it.  The buildings, the walkway, the whole park should just be one.  Our Question: What about security?   His reply: That is a different idea.           

- Christian Bosa, architect, Santiago, Chile.

   I think there should be an extra page on our tax returns.  We should be able to allot percentages of our tax dollars.  If I have to pay thirty percent or whatever I should be able to say ten percent for this, ten percent for that.  We pay taxes, we should have a say where they go.   John, Miami.

  The idea is to have a device that plugs into your iPod and has thirteen leads that you put on your chest and it sends an EKG display to your IPod  screen. If you listen to music or whatever when you work out you can send the EKG report to your doctor after the workout. –Bernie, New York.

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